StatLead-Gen is highly configurable and can support simple lead collection/delivery, as well as intricate targeting and distribution, capable of meeting the needs of any publisher or advertiser. Below is a simple example of how the StatLead-Gen system intelligently displays offers and routes leads.

  1. Online registration form collects registrant information.
  2. Upon submission, Publisher simultaneously records information in their database, and seamlessly redirects registrant to a URL provided by the Statlistics Co-Reg system.
  3. The StatLead-Gen system displays a list of advertiser offers that have been pre-approved by the Publisher.

i.e. Three offers are approved for display to Publisher's registrants. However, one offer is targeted to people who reside in the states of NY, NJ and CT only. Based on this filter (which was created when the offer was entered into StatLead-Gen), only two offers are then displayed to this registrant.

  1. The registrant selects any offers in which they are interested by checking Yes next to the appropriate offer box.
  2. Assume the user selected Offer#2. This offer has three additional questions required by the advertiser to complete the lead process. When the registrant selects Yes to Offer#2, the offer page automatically expands to display these three additional questions.

Upon completion of these additional questions, the registrant is seamlessly redirected back to the appropriate Confirmation/Thank You page on Publisher's website.

  1. StatLead-Gen delivers the collected lead data, plus any additional question data, to the advertiser in the format they have requested. This lead delivery occurs in real-time.
  1. Publisher's domain is masked to maintain publisher's brand
  2. Offer page customized with publisher graphics to further maintain brand
  1. Target offers displayed to specific publishers
  2. Target offers by filters based on variable information fields
  3. Acceptance of both standard and custom data fields
  4. Define additional questions for a specific offer
  5. Disqualify a lead based on information gathered in custom fields
  6. Advertiser house file suppression can be provided for use in pre-qualifying offers displayed to a user to ensure delivery of unique leads only
  1. Email auto-responders sent to registrants
  2. Return registrant to specific URL on publisher site based on lead data
  3. Multiple lead delivery methods (Email, CSV, HTTP, FTP, SOAP, Customized)
  1. Real-time, 24/7 access, password protected
  2. Track most successful offers for earnings optimization
  3. Automated email updates summarizing leads and offers performance
To Publisher
  1. Generates additional revenue from existing registration process
  2. Reduces subscriber acquisition costs
  3. Maintain control over advertiser approval process
  4. Adds value to existing channels, current advertisers and subscribers
  5. One-time setup
To Subscriber
  1. Only see relevant and complementary ads
  2. One-click system, saves time, no need to provide repetitive information
  3. User friendly: it appears part of registration process

For Further Information Contact:

Jen O’Brien
VP Business Development

Jen O’Brien