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Webcom Communications Email Masterfile

Webcom Communications Email Masterfile is a media company serving advanced technology markets worldwide through magazines, events, online media, directories, buyers' guides, market reports, data products and related market services.


498,809 Total Universe / Universe Rate $300.00/M
498,908 Email Addresses $300.00/M
Transmission Fee + $120.00/M


The Webcom Communications Email Masterfile mailing list is comprised of executives, IT professionals and technicians within industries who utilize advanced technology systems in daily operations such as aerospace, healthcare and utilities. These professionals are subscribers to Webcom Communications wealth of resources including magazines, e-newsletters, and buyer’s guides to gain the expertise they need to design, install, operate, troubleshoot and maintain technical systems throughout organizations. They have the authority to purchase products and services ranging from computers to robotics and automation.


Reach Chief Technology Officers, Information Technology specialists, Systems Analysts, Engineers, Programmers, and others allied to the technology field who oversee computer network systems, design robotics equipment to perform delicate surgeries, develop satellite technologies for global communications, and improve power grids that bring electricity to homes and businesses. Technology systems are put in place to increase work flow efficiency, analyze data, send instant communication, and automate manufacturing processes. With this Masterfile, marketers can reach a diverse audience of technology experts within multiple industries who need cutting edge products that bring technology solutions to organizations. They attend seminars, conferences and tradeshows for continuing education, career advancement, vendor relationship building, and new technology innovations.




Products and Services Purchased: IT magazines, computers, software, office supplies, mobile devices, operating systems, fiber optics, anti-virus protection, network systems, computer peripherals, business attire, electronics, office supplies, telecommunication systems, data storage, servers, hard drives, and wireless routers.



      Title Level   (20.00/M)
      C Level 	133,444 	
      CEO 	60,024 	
      Management 	194,670 	
      Job Fuction   (20.00/M)
      Information Technology Mgmt and Staff 	133,324 	
      CEO 	51,538 	
      Administration(Financial/Accounting, HR, Legal) 	10,384 	
      Corporate Management 	47,576 	
      Supply Chain Manager 	1,976 	
      Financial 	16,273 	
      Medical 	9,680 	
      Marketing 	6,641 	
      Sales 	28,671 	
      Technical (Engineering, Manufacturing, Operations, Research and Development) 	188,348 	
      Sales and Technology 	4,286 	
      Industry   (20.00/M)
      Aerospace 	7,685 	
      Automation 	1,636 	
      Automotive/Transportation 	20,760 	
      Banks 	11,014 	
      Biotechnology 	2,382 	
      Chemicals 	5,962 	
      Communications 	1,966 	
      Computer Hardware/Software 	26,518 	
      Data Centers 	3,061 	
      Education 	28,271 	
      Electrical 	3,447 	
      Electronics 	33,180 	
      Energy 	3,311 	
      Engineering 	16,333 	
      Financial Services 	17,971 	
      Healthcare/Hospitals 	36,093 	
      Industrial Equipment 	8,788 	
      Infrastructure 	7,781 	
      Information and Communication Technology 	3,096 	
      Instruments 	3,425 	
      Insurance 	12,394 	
      Investors 	5,505 	
      IT 	2,772 	
      Lighting 	2,208 	
      Machinery 	1,021 	
      Manufacturing 	62,954 	
      Manufacturing- Medical 	2,038 	
      Materials 	4,020 	
      Medical Devices 	2,196 	
      Media/Entertainment/TV 	1,337 	
      Oil and gas 	6,954 	
      Pharmaceutical 	5,813 	
      Quality Control 	1,981 	
      Real Estate 	3,859 	
      Research and Development 	6,333 	
      Retail 	6,081 	
      Semiconductor 	8,857 	
      Services 	4,236 	
      Signs 	2,256 	
      Telecommunications 	19,504 	
      Utility 	3,002 	
      Wholesale and Distribution 	1,077 	
      Publication   (20.00/M)
      Advanced Materials and Chemicals Industry 	17,318 	
      Aerospace Defense Industry 	22,790 	
      Analytical Instrumentation 	22,364 	
      Automation and Control Professionals 	61,156 	
      Automotive Industry 	7,940 	
      Broadcast Telecom 	28,664 	
      Edrive 	43,896 	
      Education Markets 	33,035 	
      Electronic Engineering Professionals 	98,394 	
      Electronics Industry 	94,064 	
      Energy/Power Industry 	29,962 	
      Facility Managers and Engineers 	28,068 	
      Financial Industry 	64,558 	
      Government Agencies 	31,141 	
      Healthcare and Life Science 	61,827 	
      Information and Communications 	242,896 	
      LED 	18,567 	
      Magnetics 	36,270 	
      Manufacturing Executives and Managers 	128,827 	
      Public Services and Infrastructure 	71,388 	
      Semiconductor Industry 	8,858 	
      Software Industry 	33,045 	
      Test and Measurement Industry 	51,357 	
      Transporation 	26,527 	
      Wireless Engineering 	163,542 		 				



SCF $15.00/M
State $15.00/M
Zip $15.00/M
Title Level $20.00/M
Job Fuction $20.00/M
Industry $20.00/M
Publication $20.00/M


Key Coding $3.50/M
Transmission Fee $120.00/M
HTML Setup $150.00/F
First 2 Tests NO CHARGE
Each Add'l Test $50.00/F
Personalization $10.00/M
View Online Hosting $50.00/F
Image Hosting $50.00/F
A/B Split $150.00/F