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Semiconductor Manufacturing



17,485 Total Universe / Universe Rate $125.00/M
17,485 Postal Addresses $125.00/M
8,745 Emails $275.00/M


The Semiconductor Manufacturing mailing list allows marketers to target facilities engaged in the manufacture and fabrication of semiconductors, computer chips and other related solid state devices such as microcircuits and transistors. These professionals rely on resource materials like books, reports, newsletters, and audio tapes to stay abreast of topics that include operational strategies and business management tips. Along with offline and online publications, these professionals purchase products like circuit testers and connectors for daily operations.


Reach manufacturers who develop, manufacture and test semiconductor components for multiple marketplaces including defense, aerospace, computer, communications, manufacturing, electronics and more. Professionals in this list produce semiconductors for use in electronic circuitry of computers, mobile phones. GPS systems, lasers, and more. To enhance productivity, professionals in these facilities purchase or download resources on electronics and technology innovations, industry analysis, wireless communications, technical training, R&D, marketing strategies, capital reinvestment, operational funding and more. They seek vendors and partners for products and services that increase sales and enhance workplace productivity. They attend seminars and tradeshows for new product developments and ongoing education.


Business/Industry Selections: Computer logic modules, diodes, fuel cells, hybrid integrated circuits, infrared sensors, laser diodes, magnetic bubble memory, metal oxide silicon, microcircuits, microprocessors, molecular devices, optical isolators, photoconductive cells, photovoltaic devices, light-sensing devices, RAMS, ROMS, semiconductor circuit networks, silicon wafers, solar cells, strain gages, switches, thermoelectric devices, transistors, ultraviolet sensors, Zener diodes and more…

These manufacturing professionals purchase products and services such as: trade magazines, wire, conduit, fasteners, splicing tools, relays, lighting, circuit testers, meters, batteries, resistors, motors, cleaning solvents, sealants, caulks, connectors, crimps, locknuts, diagnostics, connectors, voice/audio testers, cutting tools, storage, software, mobile devices, office supplies, and office furnishings.

Ideal users of this list include: Industry publication providers, eye protection, manufacturing equipment providers, tool and hardware suppliers, consultants, industrial cleanser suppliers, facilities maintenance providers, event coordinators, software and computer providers, technology providers, insurance providers, financial institutions, legal advisors, credit card issuers, and more.








Telephone Numbers $50.00/M
Transmission $125.00/M
Suppression $150.00/F
HTML Set Up Fee $150.00/F
Geography $10.00/M


Key Coding $5.00/M
FTP $100.00/F