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Formerly: SAE’s Off-Highway Engineering. The Best Way to Reach Commercial Vehicle Engineers. SAE’s Truck & Off-Highway Engineering Business Mailing List delivers your advertising message to the engineers who lead the way in truck and off-highway vehicle design and development.

6,038 Total Universe / Universe Rate $190.00/M
4,798 U.S. Active Subscribers $190.00/M
1,240 International $550.00/F
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Published by SAE International.


The Best Way to Reach Commercial Vehicle Engineers.

Formerly: SAE’s Off-Highway Engineering.  SAE’s Truck & Off-Highway Engineering Business Mailing List delivers your advertising message to the engineers who lead the way in truck and off-highway vehicle design and development. Reach corporate management, engineering management, design professionals, manufacturing and production engineers, purchasing, sales and marketing, CAD and CAM designers, research associates, maintenance administrators, parts and manufacturing producers and other personnel in the engineering field. These subscribers are technology and environmental savvy and spend time finding new ways to advance their field using advanced combustion, after treatment systems and hybrid technology to meet the future needs of emissions, performance and safety requirements.


Published 6 times a year, SAE Truck & Off-Highway Engineering is the leading source of information for the international off highway vehicle design and manufacturing field. Each issue deals with topics that concern cleaner engines, autonomy and automation, diagnostic capabilities, electronic communications, safety, regulations, greenhouse gases, noise pollution, urban environments, operator productivity and more. This targeted publication uniquely focuses its efforts on those who play lead roles in vehicle design, development and construction of off highway equipment and vehicles such as aircrafts, farming tractors, industrial machinery, lawn and garden equipment, marine cranes, construction machinery, self-propelled engines, heavy trucks and buses, drive trains, locomotives, and recreational vehicles. Also served are makers of parts, accessories and components and others allied to the field.


The SAE Truck & Off-Highway Engineering Business Mailing List delivers subscribers who have access to the most current, state-of-the-art information and technology available. These professionals are the decision-makers who recommend, buy and specify your products and services. They are responsive to offers from distributors, retailers, wholesalers, direct mail and email marketers, aviation, parts and component distributors, educational publications, financial institutions, dealers, association and membership organizations, manufacturers, software and hardware providers, agricultural providers and so much more.

State $15.00/M
SCF $15.00/M
Zip $15.00/M
Business / Industry $20.00/M
Primary Job Function $20.00/M
Secondary Job Function $20.00/M
Area of Technology $20.00/M
Annual Expenditure $20.00/M
Industry Classification $20.00/M
Key Coding $3.50/M
Email $100.00/F
Run Charges $10.00/M


Business / Industry   (20.00/M)
Agricultural Tractor/Equipment 	174 	
Chassis and Suspension Components & Systems 	108 	
Construction Equipment 	290 	
Drivetrain Components & Systems 	305 	
Engines (Diesel/IC/Gas Turbine) 	288 	
Heavy Truck 	644 	
Industrial Vehicles 	377 	
Military Ground Vehicles 	106 	
Other Off-Highway Vehicle 	423 	
Utility Equipment 	107 	

Primary Job Function   (20.00/M)
Corporate Executive 	504 	
Engineering Management 	760 	
Engineering Consultant 	469 	
Maintenance,Repair 	484 	
Manufacturing/Production 	472 	
Product Design and Development 	1,128 	
Purchasing 	374 	
Quality Control/Assurance 	359 	
Research and Development Management 	707 	
System Design and Development 	432 	
Testing,Validation and Certification 	470 	

Secondary Job Function   (20.00/M)
Corporate Executive 	447 	
Engineering Consultant 	245 	
Engineering Management 	488 	
Maintenance,Repair 	256 	
Manufacturing/Production 	175 	
Product Design and Development 	685 	
Quality Control/Assurance 	102 	
System Design and Development 	164 	
Testing,Validation and Certification 	132 	
Research and Development Management 	323 	

Area of Technology   (20.00/M)
Bodies and Structures 	805 	
Chassis 	874 	
Design Engineering and Styling 	998 	
Electrical,Electronics and Avionics 	1,010 	
Environment 	500 	
Fuels and Energy Sources 	756 	
Human Factors and Ergonomics 	488 	
Interiors,Cabins and Cockpits 	477 	
Maintenance and Aftermarket 	708 	
Management and Product Development 	708 	
Manufacturing 	856 	
Materials 	807 	
Noise,Vibration and Harshness 	636 	
Parts and Components 	940 	
Power and Propulsion 	932 	
Quality,Reliability and Durability 	775 	
Safety 	705 	
Tests and Testing 	893 	
Transportation Systems 	618 	
Vehicles and Performance 	1,014 	

Annual Expenditure   (20.00/M)
$50 million+ 	523 	
$25-49.9 million 	140 	
$10-24.9 million 	249 	
$1-9.9 million 	473 	
Less thank $1 Milllion 	743 	
Unknown 	867 	

Industry Classification   (20.00/M)
Ground Vehicle OEM 	711 	
Services 	877 	
Ground Vehicle Supplier - Tier 1/System Integrator 	459 	
Ground Vehicle Supplier - Parts/Components 	721 	
Other 	265 	

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