Proteomics Research Professionals Email from Cambridge Healthtech Institute

The Proteomics Research Professionals List is comprised of attendee and inquiries of Cambridge Healthtech Institute Conferences on the topic of proteomics, as well as purchasers of related products. 

50,478 Total Universe / Universe Rate $450.00/M
25,739 U.S. Email Addresses $450.00/M
24,739 Int'l Email Addresses $450.00/M
60,956 Postal Addresses $195.00/M


Proteomics is a branch of biotechnology concerned with applying the techniques of molecular biology, biochemistry, and genetics to analyzing the structure, function, and interactions of the proteins produced by the genes of a particular cell, tissue, or organism, with organizing the information in databases, and with applications of the data. Proteins are vital parts of living organisms, with many functions.Proteins do most of the work in cells and are required for the structure, function, and regulation of the body's tissues and organs.


This audience is receptive to marketing offers from retailers, email marketers, clinical trials, tradeshow coordinators, industry publications, financial institutions, medical technology, and continuing education providers. Multi-channel marketing is available.

State $15.00/M
SCF $15.00/M
Zip $15.00/M
Job Function $20.00/M
Primary Business $20.00/M
Personalization $10.00/M
HTML Set-Up $150.00/F
Suppression $150.00/F
View Online Hosting $50.00/F
Image Hosting $50.00/F


Job Function   (20.00/M)
Assistant 	1,054 	
Director 	6,564 	
Executive 	5,161 	
Manager 	4,859 	
Professor 	9,200 	
Scientist / Technologist 	15,671 	
Sales/Marketing 	2,343 	

Primary Business   (20.00/M)
Academic 	16,341 	
Biotechnical 	15,389 	
Government 	2,471 	
Healthcare Provider 	2,709 	
Pharmaceutical - Big 	8,822 	
Services 	1,729 	

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