Progressive Publishing Business Masterfile

The Progressive Publishing Business Masterfile reaches executive decision-makers and producers who turn to Progressive Publishing to deliver relevant news, training information, product research, and other agricultural and farming resources within the beef, dairy, and forage industries.

95,222 Total Universe / Universe Rate $145.00/M
95,222 Active Subscribers $145.00/M
33,213 Home Address + $15.00/M


The Progressive Publishing Business Masterfile reaches executive decision-makers and producers who turn to Progressive Publishing to deliver relevant news, training information, product research, and resources within the beef, dairy, and forage industries. These professionals rely on the Progressive Publishing suite of magazines and its resources to make informed business decisions regarding innovative products and services that enhance their herd, hay, alfalfa and silage operations. The publications provide informative articles, advice, and editorials from seasoned veterinarians, producers, and professors. Topics include successful cattle breeding methods, market stats, calf and heifer raising, employee training, finance, range and pasture management, weed control, harvesting equipment, environmental issues, and silage storage.

The Progressive Publishing Business Masterfile is a comprised of addresses from the following publications: Progressive Dairy, Progressive Cattle, and Progressive Forage.  It provides access to female executives; owners and partners; Cattle, Calves, Heifers and Dairy Cow Professionals,  and Fodder, Forage and Grazing Producers, mid-level managers, cattlemen, ranchers, dairymen, farmers, herdsmen, veterinarians, seed stock producers, forage producers, hay and alfalfa growers, and employees within the agriculture industry.

These professionals purchase products to ensure the profitability and success of their facility, farm, or ranch.  They purchase such products as computer and office equipment and supplies, electronics, telecommunication systems, employee training, and business apparel. They authorize the purchase of operational equipment and supplies including livestock medications and vaccinations, feed, fencing materials, disinfectants, milkers, cleaning equipment, udder care, milk cooler and refrigerators, tractors, fertilizer, seed, pesticides, twine, balers, mowers, rakes, fences, gates, sickle bars, bale spears, and harvesting equipment. They also need a variety of services from facilities management organizations, HVAC providers, electricians, parts and repair establishments, plumbers, builders, and waste control management among others.

Producers and professionals in the Progressive Publishing Business Masterfile are receptive to marketing offers from high-end apparel retailers, industry trade publications, event coordinators, software providers, computer manufacturers, agricultural equipment providers, livestock accessory suppliers, farm and ranch suppliers, office supply providers, financial and lending institutions, and continuing education providers.


SCF $15.00/M
State $15.00/M
Zip $15.00/M
Farming Occupation $20.00/M
Number of Dairy Cows $15.00/M
Number of Heifers / Calves $15.00/M
Number of Beef Cows $15.00/M
Alfalfa Acreage $15.00/M
Other Hay Acreage $15.00/M
Pasture Acreage $15.00/M
Corn Acreage $15.00/M
Home Address $15.00/M
Farming Job Title $20.00/M
Horses $15.00/M
Key Coding $3.50/M
P/S Labels $15.00/M
Email/FTP $100.00/F


Farming Occupation   (20.00/M)
Allied Industry 	4,490 	
Association 	189 	
Beef Producer 	19,163 	
Consultant 	828 	
Cow/Calf Producer 	25,193 	
Custom Harvester 	465 	
Dairy Calf/Heifer Raiser 	1,011 	
Dairy Producer 	32,511 	
Education/Extension 	1,027 	
Feedlot 	765 	
Forage Producer 	4,185 	
Goat Dairy 	110 	
Seedstock Producer 	1,066 	
Stocker/Grower 	546 	
Veterinarian 	2,154 	

Number of Dairy Cows   (15.00/M)
1-49 	6,441 	
50-99 	6,744 	
100-199 	4,979 	
200-499 	3,185 	
500-999 	1,588 	
1000+ 	742 	
Yes 	8,340 	

Number of Heifers / Calves   (15.00/M)
1-49 	5,169 	
50-99 	3,817 	
100-199 	2,988 	
200-499 	2,216 	
500-999 	1,127 	
1000+ 	1,669 	
Yes 	69 	

Number of Beef Cows   (15.00/M)
1-49 	9,419 	
50-99 	6,442 	
100-199 	5,745 	
200-499 	4,791 	
500-999 	1,840 	
1,000-2,499 	915 	
2,500-9,999 	526 	
10,000-24,999 	209 	
25,000-49,999 	123 	
50,000+ 	100 	
Yes 	19,100 	

Alfalfa Acreage   (15.00/M)
1-49 	6,564 	
50-99 	3,942 	
100-199 	3,513 	
200-499 	2,798 	
500-999 	1,011 	
1000+ 	716 	
Yes 	172 	

Other Hay Acreage   (15.00/M)
1-49 	7,829 	
50-99 	5,094 	
100-199 	5,171 	
200-499 	4,105 	
500-999 	1,370 	
1000+ 	1,144 	
Yes 	1,711 	

Pasture Acreage   (15.00/M)
1-49 	8,926 	
50-99 	4,509 	
100-199 	4,294 	
200-499 	4,290 	
500-999 	2,174 	
1000+ 	3,841 	
Yes 	81 	

Corn Acreage   (15.00/M)
1-49 	5,190 	
50-99 	3,171 	
100-199 	2,633 	
200-499 	1,995 	
500-999 	853 	
1000+ 	787 	
Yes 	49 	

Farming Job Title   (20.00/M)
Owner / Partner / Officer 	84,474 	
Farming Manager / Supervisor 	3,788 	

Horses   (15.00/M)
Horses 	5,402 	

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  • Net Name is allowed ($10.00/M Run Charge)
  • Please Inquire about Exchange
  • Broker Commission 20% on base
  • Agency Commission 15% on base
  • Please Inquire about Reuse
  • Cancellation fee at $100.00/F: Orders cancelled prior to merge are subject to a $100/F cancellation fee plus any applicable production charges. Orders cancelled after merge purge are payable in full. All orders are approved on a reciprocal rental.
  • All orders are approved on a reciprocal rental basis.