Law Enforcement Officials

The Law Enforcment Officials reaches Police Officers, Police Chiefs, Deputies, Sheriffs, Undersheriffs and law enforcement professionals of all ranks.

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The Law Enforcement Officials reaches Police Officers, Police Chiefs, Deputies, Sheriffs, Undersheriffs, Detectives and law enforcement professionals of all ranks.


Either by car, motorcycle or on foot, they apprehend criminals, stop crimes in progress, and assist people who are in trouble (such as complainants in domestic disputes or emotionally disturbed homeless individuals). They investigate crimes and crime scenes, collect evidence, and interview victims and witnesses. They help find missing persons and handle cases of alleged child abuse. They help identify and recover stolen property, and testify in court as necessary. They also keep detailed records of their activity by filing reports.


Law Enforcement officials are expected to be in good physical condition. Part of their job requirement may be to run after a suspect, carry injured individuals, subdue suspects who may be armed or physically strong, and carry heavy equipment. They may have periods of extreme physical activity, followed by hours of no activity at all like sitting in a car on a stakeout. They must be mentally alert and emotionally stable to withstand the strain of their work profession. Although officers in large cities or dangerous neighborhoods may have a statistically higher chance of being injured on the job, life-and-death situations can happen to anyone anywhere.


The responsibilities of a law enforcement official can vary greatly from community to community.  In a large city where the police force has multiple divisions and neighborhood precincts, duties may be specialized. In a small town where the police force is much smaller, each officer will likely have to know how to do several jobs roles to cover the needs and protect the community. 

State / SCF / Zip $15.00/M
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Title Category $20.00/M
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Title Category   (20.00/M)
Officer 	6,624 	
Chief of Police 	2,147 	
Deputy 	3,353 	
Sheriff 	1,635 	
Detective 	1,774 	
Correctional Officer 	888 	
Lieutenant 	1,394 	
Sergeant 	2,213 	

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