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Oil Refining News Crude Petroleum and Natural Gas

The Oil Refining News list allows marketers to target industry professionals, vendors and suppliers who purchase or sell products and services within the oil refinery market. These professionals rely on resource materials like books, reports, newsletters, and audio tapes to stay abreast of chemical engineering processes, petroleum product manufacturing as well as business operation strategies. Along with offline and online publications, these professionals purchase products ranging from holding tanks to workplace safety equipment for efficient operation.

10,011 Total Universe / Universe Rate $125.00/M


Oil Refining News Crude Petroleum and Natural Gas list allows marketers to target businesses engaged in owning, operating and managing of oil and gas field enterprises. These professionals rely on resources like books, reports, newsletters, and audio tapes to stay abreast of business development tips, marketing strategies and operational processes. Along with online and offline publications, these B2B professionals purchase products ranging from exploration resources to well digging equipment to locate and extract oil for future refinery.


Reach executives and oil industry professionals who locate petroleum and natural gas deposits, drill for oil, construct wells, remove the petroleum from the ground and store until ready for transport from the site. This industry also includes the mining and extraction of oil from shale and oil sand. These professionals purchase or download resources on workplace safety, emerging technologies, government regulations, energy trends, environmental impacts, drilling processes, storage and holding processes, industry trends, and more. They are the key players in extracting crude and natural gas to develop products for heating, fuel, chemicals, plastics and more. They depend on trusted vendors and partners for cost-effective products and services that reduce pollution, streamline business processes, bring new technology to the workplace, and train field workers. They attend seminars for ongoing education, industry news, and professional development.


Services Performed:

Coal gasification, liquefaction and pyrolysis at mine site

Crude petroleum and oil production

Kerogen processing

Natural gas production

Oil sand, tar sand and shale mining


These petroleum professionals purchase products and services such as: drilling rig equipment, well equipment, engines, pumps, separators, desilting equipment, field gathering lines, emulsion breakers, automation systems, fuel tanks, seismic equipment, valves, safety equipment, test and measurement, electronics, monitoring equipment, safety products, software, heavy equipment, computers, mobile devices, office supplies, and training resources.


Ideal users of this list include: Industry publications, drilling service providers, formation evaluation providers, waste and overburden disposal providers, insurance providers, facilities management, R&D, financial institutions, heavy equipment manufacturers, legal advisors, storage and transfer providers, environmental agencies, government agencies, safety compliance regulators, geological firms, continuing education providers, and credit card issuers.








Geography $10.00/M


Key Coding $5.00/M
FTP $100.00/F