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Mindfulness is not just about techniques and specific benefits but also about bringing awareness, caring and joy to everything we do. Whatever life we choose, mindfulness enhances it.

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"Mindful" is a publication which gives readers a front row seat to learning about mindfulness. Mindfulness is not just about techniques and specific benefits but also about bringing awareness, caring and joy to everything we do. Whatever life we choose, mindfulness enhances it.


It's a way of living.  It cultivates universal human qualities and so it does not conflict with religion, beliefs, or lifestyle.  Mindfulness can change and improve health, family, work and society.


Full of inspiring stories, helpful advice and lots of news, Mindful Magazine attracts subscribers who will respond well to organic and natural apparel, farm to table natural foods, yoga and meditative videos and catalogs, music, courses, classes, new age products, travel.  This subscriber will also be attentive to humanitarian and children's fundraising appeals.


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74% buy vitamins and dietary supplements on a regular basis

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