MEDQOR – Healthcare Informatics Masterfile

Formerly known as: Healthcare Masterfile from MEDQOR (Anthem). MEDQOR – Healthcare Informatics is the leader in data, analytics systems and consulting in the rapidly evolving marketplace. They are unique in the marketplace by providing practical service and management solutions and the latest data and informatics on technology and industry trends.

159,560 Total Universe / Universe Rate $110.00/M
159,560 Subscribers $110.00/M
143,070 Telemarketing + $65.00/M
163,380 Email Addresses $210.00/M


MEDQOR – Healthcare Informatics is the leader in data, analytics systems and consulting in the rapidly evolving marketplace. They are unique in the marketplace by providing practical service and management solutions and the latest data and informatics on technology and industry trends.  MEDQOR publications target industries including, Audiology, Clinical Laboratories, Orthodontics, Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation, Respiratory Care, Aesthetics and Sleep Medicine.  Subscribers to these publications include Laboratory Directors and managers, physical therapists, Pathologists, Orthodontists, Physician’s, owners and more.   They work in Hospitals, clinics, private practice, and labs.


MEDQOR publications reach the following specialties:


Clinical Laboratory- The clinical lab market encompasses business leaders and professional staff in clinical laboratories across the United States, including pathologists, scientists, technologists, technicians, phlebotomists, and specialists in such areas as blood banking, cytotechnology, histotechnology, and molecular pathology. These certified professionals conduct research and development to create and implement new diagnostic technologies, and perform prescribed clinical testing for patients at every stage of life. Tests performed by clinical laboratorians enable caregivers to screen, diagnose, predict, and monitor the progress of patients and pathogens, and decisively influence roughly 70% of all medical decision-making.


Audiology - Audiology practice focuses on all aspects of hearing care, by connecting audiologists, hearing instrument specialists, and ENTs to manufacturers and service providers across an integrated economic and content platform that delivers multiple touch points through social networks, mobile devices, online, email newsletters, and print.


Orthodontics - Serving the 10,000-plus orthodontists practicing in the United States. Specially trained to diagnose, prevent, and treat dental and facial irregularities, orthodontists create straight teeth and align the jaws where needed. Not only does orthodontic treatment improve a patient’s self-esteem, but it can go a long way to improving overall oral health by preventing periodontal disease, tooth decay, and tooth loss.


Aesthetic Sciences - Catering to leading cosmetic and reconstructive surgeons, dermatologists and dermatologic surgeons. Our doctors perform everything and anything from anti-aging injections to complex multi-staged reconstructive surgeries. Many are also pushing the boundaries of regenerative medicine through their work with stem cells, scaffolds, and fat.


Respiratory Care - Serving the clinical/hospital respiratory market, and an audience consisting of respiratory therapists, directors/supervisors/managers of respiratory and pulmonary physicians. These professionals are largely responsible for administering a wide range of respiratory care including triage, emergency, home care, and bedside functions such as tracheostomies, oxygen and aerosol therapy, secretion clearance for COPD and cystic fibrosis patients, emergency ventilation for crash victims, and more. These healthcare professionals serve a critical role in the fast-paced hospital setting, with their patients’ lives often hanging in the balance.


Physical Therapy -Focuses on product and practice solutions, and informing purchase decisions made by physical therapists for products used in short-term treatment of clients in outpatient, institution, and private practice healthcare settings. MEDQOR explores treatment options for short-term rehab while business software and practice management solutions are also regularly spotlighted.


Rehabilitation Science - Connects members of the entire physical medicine team working in long-term settings such as hospitals, institutions, outpatient, and private practice. Editorial content is authored by practicing clinicians and offers pragmatic guidance to  PTs, OTs and rehab administrators responsible for the hands-on care of clients affected by long-term disabilities and related impairments.  Advances in pain management, practice management, and fitness are also reviewed regularly to keep readers up to date about changes in the marketplace.


Sleep Medicine - Serving the clinical sleep medicine/sleep lab market, reaching out to sleep physicians, neurologists, pulmonologists, respiratory therapists involved in sleep, directors/supervisors/managers of sleep labs, sleep technicians, dental sleep medicine specialists, and more. These professionals are largely responsible for diagnosing a host of sleep disorders including obstructive sleep apnea, insomnia, narcolepsy, and restless legs syndrome, and then administering/monitoring needed treatments such as CPAP, pharmaceuticals, and oral appliances.

SCF $15.00/M
State $15.00/M
Zip $15.00/M
Gender $10.00/M
Phone Number $65.00/M
Business $20.00/M
Occupation $20.00/M
Purchase Influence $25.00/M
Key Coding $3.50/M
P/S Labels $15.00/M
Run Charges $10.00/M
Email $100.00/F


Business   (20.00/M)
AASM Sleep Disorders Center 	2,500 	
Blood Bank 	812 	
Chemistry 	1,543 	
Clinic 	10,432 	
General 	9,418 	
Hematology 	1,175 	
Home Care / Postacute 	4,518 	
Geriatric 	1,512 	
Hospital 	28,162 	
Medical Equipment 	2,135 	
Microbiology 	1,296 	
Pathology 	4,605 	
Physician's Office 	1,719 	
Teaching Institution 	1,505 	
Private Practice 	14,150 	
Sleep Laboratory 	1,764 	
Consulting 	4,045 	
ISO 	2,135 	
Hospital/Acute Care 	4,518 	
Long-Term Care 	2,965 	
Acute Care 	905 	
Histology/Cytology 	364 	
Home Care/Postacute 	1,638 	
Private Independent Lab 	9,815 	

Occupation   (20.00/M)
Owner/President/CEO 	4,083 	
Administrator / Manager / Director Rehab / Physical Therapist / Rehab Therapist 	6,668 	
Administrator / Manager / Director Rehab / Physical Therapist / Rehab Therapist at Hospital 	5,726 	
Administrator / Manager / Director Rehab / Physical Therapist / Rehab Therapist at Private Practice 	2,188 	
Audiologist - Private Practice 	3,768 	
Audiologist - Clinical Practice 	3,672 	
Audiologist - Education 	991 	
Hospital Admin/CEO/CFO/COO 	2,601 	
Facility Owner 	3,870 	
Dept. Administrator/Director/Manager 	6,598 	
Manager 	1,563 	
Biomedical Equipment Tech 	4,769 	
Chief / Lab Technologist 	6,538 	
Employee 	5,728 	
Hearing Instrument Specialist 	3,203 	
Lab Director / Administrator / Manager 	13,183 	
Neurologist 	4,127 	
Orthodontist 	9,300 	
Pathologist / Physician 	9,219 	
PT Director/Manager 	5,319 	
Pulmonary Physician 	6,911 	
Respiratory Therapist 	3,857 	
Sleep / Director / Manager/ Supervisor 	2,672 	
Sleep Physician/specialist 	1,887 	
Purchasing Director/Manager 	1,486 	
Section Supervisor/Manager 	5,044 	
Dentist 	1,117 	
Pulmonologist 	1,228 	
Athletic Trainer/Exercise Physiologist/Kinesiologist 	821 	
Respiratory Care Director/Manager/Supervisor 	3,857 	
Otorhinolaryngologist, otologist 	2,552 	
Reg Polysomnographic Tech 	1,449 	

Purchase Influence   (25.00/M)
Aids for Dai ly Living 	1,134 	
Airway Management/Clearance 	2,820 	
Assistive Listening Devices 	3,583 	
Balls 	1,030 	
Bands 	1,260 	
Batteries 	3,714 	
Blood Gas An alysis 	1,775 	
Bonding Supp lies 	1,508 	
Brackets 	1,490 	
Business Software 	1,474 	
Cochlear Implants 	504 	
Computer Software/Services 	1,934 	
CPAP/Sleep 	2,823 	
Delivery Systems 	327 	
Digital Cameras 	343 	
Education 	2,484 	
Educational/ Training Materials 	2,370 	
Electrothera py 	610 	
Exercise Equ ipment 	1,233 	
Functional ppliances 	687 	
Gait & Balance 	1,445 	
Handpieces 	566 	
Hearing Aid Accessories 	4,209 	
Hearing Aids 	4,608 	
Hearing Testing Equipment 	2,763 	
Impression Supplies 	1,234 	
Insurance & Financial Services 	201 	
Intubation 	1,847 	
Measurement/ Assessment Equipment 	679 	
Mobility 	1,424 	
Nebulization /MDI 	3,083 	
Other (pleas e specify) 	158 	
Oxygen Therapy 	3,299 	
Pain Management 	1,672 	
Patient Monitoring 	2,079 	
Pharmaceutic als 	1,185 	
Pilates Equipment 	251 	
Pliers 	1,003 	
Products for Patients 	1,008 	
Products for the Home 	1,126 	
Pulse Oximetry 	3,185 	
Radiology Imaging (MRI, CT, X-Ray, Ultrasound, CR/DR, PET/CT) 	20,979 	
Radiography Products 	567 	
Rehab & Fitness 	1,766 	
Resuscitatio n 	2,027 	
Retainers 	983 	
Seating & Positioning 	1,234 	
Secretion Removal 	2,372 	
Simulation/T est Lungs 	1,196 	
Sleep Diagno stics 	1,208 	
Spirometry/P FT 	2,250 	
Treatment Ta bles 	381 	
Ventilation 	2,501 	
Wire 	1,346 	
Wireless/Bluetooth Compatible Devices 	3,249 	
Work-Injury Mgmt Products 	237 	

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