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Mail Order Catalogs Directory from Grey House Publishing

The Directory of Mail Order Catalogs represents Grey House Publishing’s longest-running annual reference directory. Despite ongoing challenges for the mail order catalog industry, this latest edition proves the formidable success of print catalogs, with 750 new print catalogs, several new catalog categories, and more company details than the last edition. This is the go to source for printers and other marketing services providers who provide services to catalog companies.


7,364 Total Universe / Universe Rate $150.00/M
7,364 Postal Addresses $150.00/M
6,414 Telemarketing + $30.00/M



The Directory of Mail Order Catalogs is divided into two distinct directories. The first section includes 9,933 catalogs directed at consumers. The second section includes 6,484 catalogs aimed at business buyers.


This publication is the largest and most comprehensive resource in the mail order catalog industry. As the standard in its field, this important resource is a useful tool for entrepreneurs searching for catalogs to pick up their product, vendors looking to expand their customer base in the catalog industry, market researchers, small businesses investigating new supply vendors, and library patrons exploring the available catalogs in their areas of interest.


The list rental is perfect for printers, graphic designers, catalog consultants and other catalog marketing services providers who are seeking new business opportunities and competitive intelligence.



  • Catalog Page Count   
    Less than 50 Pages 	3,064 	
    50 - 100 Pages 	1,492 	
    101+ Pages 	1,085 	
    Catalog Colors   
    Single Color Mail Order Catalog 	489 	
    2 Color Mail Order Catalog 	572 	
    3 Color Mail Order Catalog 	215 	
    4 Color Mail Order Catalog 	3,439 	
    5+ Color Mail Order Catalog 	90 	
    Catalog Product Type   (20.00/M)
    Animals and Animal Products 	176 	
    Automotive Products 	403 	
    Boating Products 	121 	
    Books 	552 	
    Clothing 	535 	
    Collectibles 	173 	
    Computers 	179 	
    Educational Products 	276 	
    Fishing and Hunting Products 	185 	
    Food and Beverage Products 	729 	
    Garden and Lawn Products 	569 	
    Gifts 	390 	
    Handicrafts 	621 	
    Health and Personal Care Products 	355 	
    Home Building and Repair 	324 	
    Home Furnishings 	437 	
    Office Products 	142 	
    Sporting Goods 	309 	
    Stationery and Forms 	100 	
    Tools and Machinery 	196 	
    Toys and Games 	119 	
    Agriculture 	137 	
    Automotive 	238 	
    Book Publishers 	107 	
    Building Supplies 	412 	
    Business Information 	122 	
    Gift 	104 	
    Heating and Cooling 	487 	
    Landscaping 	214 	
    Metalwork 	117 	
    Office Product 	138 	
    Packaging 	313 	
    Printing 	127 	
    Restaurants 	158 	
    Safety 	212 	
    Security 	104 	
    Tool and Machinery 	378 	





State $10.00/M
Job Function / Job Title $10.00/M
Gender $10.00/M
Catalog Page Count $20.00/M
Catalog Colors $20.00/M
Catalog Product Type $20.00/M


Key Coding $5.00/F
CD-Rom $50.00/F
Email $50.00/F
P/S Labels $10.00/M