Hemmings Motor News Subscribers

Hemmings Motor News reaches car collectors and auto enthusiasts who are subscribers of the Hemmings Motor News magazine.

143,660 Total Universe / Universe Rate $115.00/M
30,479 3 Month Active Paid Subscribers $125.00/M
67,908 6 Month Active Paid Subscribers $120.00/M
143,660 Active Paid Subscribers $115.00/M
38,570 12 Month Expires $85.00/M
Charitable Fundraising $85.00/M
Non-Profit Fudnraising $90.00/M


The Hemmings Motor News mailing list reaches car collectors and auto enthusiasts who are subscribers of the Hemmings Motor News magazine. For over 50 years, these subscribers have turned to Hemmings Motor News to bring them updated news and information on antique, vintage, classic and collectible automobiles. They purchase Hemmings’ merchandise like collector car books, apparel, die cast models, collector car prints, calendars, porcelain signs, wall clocks, puzzles, motor oil, trailer hitches, totes, drinkware, and key rings.

The readership in this list is an affluent, mature audience averaging between the ages of 35 to 64. They are car owners and collectors who have a passion for all makes and models of American built cars, trucks, imports, muscle cars, and hot rods. They read Hemmings Motor News magazine for upcoming auctions, car show coverage, buyer’s guides, restoration advice, appraisal services, cyber cruising, technical advice, and cruises down memory lane. They own or restore classic vehicles like the 1953 Willy’s pickup, 1969 Volkswagen Beetle, 1956 SkyHawk Studebaker, and the 1978 Mustang Cobra. They travel to auctions and car sales to buy a truck, automobile, or motorcycle in mint condition or one that can be restored to its original condition.


Subscribers from Hemmings Motor News have the discretionary income to purchase products and services for restoring and accessorizing their automobiles and trucks. They buy parts like radiators, water pumps, hoods, engines, steering racks, tie rod ends, suspension, and wheels. Many of these car enthusiasts are mechanically included and have the home or shop facilities to work on their car. They purchase automotive tools like wrenches, sockets, floor jacks, engine hoists, diagnostic tools, timing lights, metric sockets, and compressors. To accessorize their classic automobile, they purchase seat covers, emblems, dash mats, floor mats, grille guards, car covers, mirrors, gauges, and car alarms. They utilize the services of upholstery shops, car painters, car wash and detail shops, auto body shops, and tire companies.


Car enthusiasts in the Hemmings Publishing Motor News mailing list are receptive to marketing offers from retailers, wholesalers, direct mail and email marketers, auto publications, credit card issuers, event coordinators, auction houses, salvage yards, and auto clubs.

69% Readers age 35 to 64
$139,000 Average household income
$1,270,000 Average household net worth
$385,000 Average value of residence
44% College graduate or higher
95% Own their own home

SCF $10.00/M
State $10.00/M
Zip $10.00/M
New To File $10.00/M
3rd Party Blow-In $10.00/M
Non-Reciprocal Rental $20.00/M
Under 5,000 minimum service charge $35.00/F
Key Coding $3.50/M
EMAIL $100.00/F


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