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Reach highly-responsive government officials and top-tier executives in county governments throughout the U.S. with the Government Technology County Government Database.

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Published by e.Republic Inc.


Reach highly-responsive government officials and top-tier executives in county governments throughout the U.S. with the Government Technology County Government Database. This database is comprised of IT directors, systems analysts, CIOs, CTOs, database administrators, computer programmers, web developers, information security directors, and more who subscribe to Government Technology Magazine and its suite of resources. Focused on the impact of technology in local and regional governments, these executives rely on Government Technology Magazine publications, newsletters, websites, events, digital education, and research applicationsto help themmake critical decisions on harnessing technology to enhance governing in the information age.


Government Technology Magazine provides county government IT personnel with non-partisan news, insight and analysis on budget and finance; technology’s role in government; big data, cyber security, cloud computing, and virtualization to connect communities, organizations, and governments across the county. These IT professionals are key to developing new technologies, upgrading computer and networking systems, bringing new technology to public schools, and improving communication systems. e.Republic’s Center for Digital Education has identified notable trends in technology development including mobile device app development, government website upgrades, network infrastructure enhancements, and cyber security improvement. It all boils down to performance and innovation - the importance of measuring results, delivering outcome-driven accountability and data-driven decision-making to drive cost containment and greater government and educational efficiencies. IT professionals work hand-in-hand with local, municipal, state and federal government officials in all capacities of administration, finance, information technology, public works, health and human services, human resources, environment/energy, economic development, agriculture, courts/justice, law enforcement, fire/emergency services, and education.


County government IT professionals are in continuous need of products and services necessary to resolve management issues, establish ongoing technology strategies, and overcome political hurdles unique to governments. These subscribers specify, recommend and approve purchases related to computers, hardware and software, electronic components, industry publications, educational resources, business supplies, business wear, computer peripherals, cables, fiber optics, notebooks, tablets, data storage, servers, mobile devices, cooling racks, security, discs, memory, event coordination, travel, procurement, continuing education, financial offers, office supplies, cyber security, telecommunications, and credit cards.

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