Government Event Attendees Business Mailing List

This list is comprised of information technology/telecom, executive and senior management, operations and administrative professionals, appointed and elected officials like governors, legislators, mayors, and city managers as well as emergency management professionals, police chiefs, fire chiefs, educators, and telecommunications executives working within various branches of city, state, county, municipal, federal governments.

30,995 Total Universe / Universe Rate $170.00/M
30,995 U.S. names $170.00/M
29,476 Phones + $65.00/M


This list is comprised of information technology/telecom, executive and senior management, operations and administrative professionals, appointed and elected officials like governors, legislators, mayors, and city managers as well as emergency management professionals, police chiefs, fire chiefs, educators, and telecommunications executives working within various branches of city, state, county, municipal, federal governments. Focused on state and local government, technology implementation, and education, these professionals rely on events to help them make critical decisions on effective government operations and allocating funds to various projects and programs.


These government officials and related personnel attend conferences to bring public and private sectors together, problem solve, build partnerships, discover new digital technology products, and learn about public safety concerns and solutions. They share ideas, network with peers, and collaborate on governmental issues. They attend discussions and lectures given by world leaders, technology experts, economic development experts, and renowned business leaders. Reach your targeted audience in governmental segments including finance, taxation, budgeting, information technology, public works, transportation, utilities, health, human services, and law enforcement. They work in government agencies and organizations that provide public safety and well-being such as vital social services and wild-land fire protection. These government employees and officials provide vital services in city water, sewer, and utilities. They construct and maintain roads and highways for local and interstate travel. They maintain and upgrade vital computer network infrastructures to maximize communication and productivity.


Event participants are in continuous pursuit of products and services necessary to resolve management issues, establish technology strategies, and overcome political hurdles unique to county governments. They specify, recommend and approve purchases related to publications, high-end apparel, travel accessories, computer equipment, software, data storage, electronics, marketing and advertising materials, mobile devices, office supplies, emergency response fleet vehicles, road construction materials, electronic components, uniforms,

SCF $15.00/M
State $15.00/M
Zip $15.00/M
Phone Number $65.00/M
Business $20.00/M
Government Agency $20.00/M
Job Function $20.00/M
Job Role $20.00/M
Key Coding $3.50/M
P/S LABELS $15.00/M
EMAIL $100.00/F


Business   (20.00/M)
State Government 		
County Government 		
Municipal Government 		
Federal Government 		
K-12 Education 		
Higher Education 		

Government Agency   (20.00/M)
Elected Official/Legislative 		
Information Technology/Telecom 		
Public Works/Transportation/Infrastructure/Utility/Planning 		
Health/Human Services 		
Human Resources/Benefits/Personnel 		
Administration/Operations/General Services/Purchasing 		
Economic Development/Workforce Development 		
Agriculture/Parks And Rec/Land Management 		
Law Enforcement 		
Fire/Emergency Services 		
Emergency Operations Center 		
Homeland Security/Defense 		
Education/Library Services 		

Job Function   (20.00/M)
Elected Official/Legislative 		
Information Technology 		
Human Resource/Workforce/Training/Benefits 		

Job Role   (20.00/M)
Senior Management 		
Subject Matter Expert(SME)/Practitioner 		

Ordering Instructions

  • 5,000 Name Minimum Order $0.00 Minimum Price
  • Net Name is allowed ($10.00/M Run Charge)
  • Please Inquire about Exchange
  • Broker Commission 20% on base
  • Agency Commission 15% on base
  • Please Inquire about Reuse
  • Cancellation fee at $100.00/F
  • All orders are approved on a reciprocal rental. Orders cancelled prior to merge are subject to a $100 flat cancellation fee plus any applicable production charges. Orders cancelled after merge purge are payable in full.