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The Governing’s Newsletter: Finance reaches executives and related professionals who play a key role in managing and overseeing the budgets and finances of state and local governments.

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The Governing’s Newsletter: Finance Mailing List reaches executives and related professionals who play a key role in managing and overseeing the budgets and finances of state and local governments. They are subscribers of Governing’s Magazine and have opted to receive this valuable monthly e-newsletter designed especially for finance experts responsible for taxation, revenue, budget policy, bond financing and public pensions.


These finance executives and professionals are responsible for setting policy and budgets for the day to day operations of cities, counties, and special districts. They need insightful articles addressing best practices, accounting methodologies, fund raising, bond issuance, account management, and lending options along with information concerning grants and ongoing training opportunities. They have the purchasing power to buy products ranging from computer equipment to economic development projects including parks and public transit.


This all-encompassing list enables marketers to deliver their product offerings to subscribers such as CFOs, governors, legislators, CPAs, mayors, city managers, council members and other elected officials. These financial professionals work in a variety of state and local government segments including law enforcement, administration, health services, justice, corrections, education, environment, emergency operations, information technology, and public works. They plan budgets, collect revenue and provide funds for public services and projects like sewer, public protection, water, city revitalization, and health care.


Governing’s financial newsletter helps these men and women lead and navigate the financial trends that are creating efficiencies, driving collaboration, and impacting government services in the 21st century. They are in need of quality products for daily operational success and profitability. They purchase computers, financial software, ledgers, calculators, electronic components, business supplies, business wear, office furnishings, business transportation, business forms, travel accessories, educational resources, and industry publications.

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