Governing Magazine

Published by e.Republic, Governing Magazine reaches top-tier government executives and professionals who are elected, appointed or career officials. They are subscribers of Governing magazine and are engaged in various nationwide branches of state government, county government, municipal government and special districts to set policies for day-to-day government operations.

75,112 Total Universe / Universe Rate $170.00/M
75,112 Subscribers $170.00/M
74,812 Telemarketing + $65.00/M


Published by e.Republic

The Governing Magazine Mailing List reaches top-tier executives and professionals who are elected, appointed or career officials. They are subscribers of Governing magazine and are engaged in various nationwide branches of state, county, municipal, special districts who set policies for day-to-day operations.


Providing "The Resource for State and Localities," these professionals rely on Governing magazine for insightful articles concerning nonpartisan news, insight and analysis on issues like public finance, transportation, economic development, health, energy, environment and technology. They have the purchasing power to buy products ranging from office supplies to technology products. 


This all-encompassing list enables marketers to deliver their product offerings to subscribers with titles such as governor, legislator, mayor, city manager, council member and other appointed officials as well as journalists, K-12 academic educators, and involved citizens with an interest in the governments closest to them. Governing magazine brings these officials and professionals the latest topics on climate change, census and demographics, transportation and clean energy, and court reform along with information concerning grants, updated policies and ongoing training opportunities.   


Besides mayoral and gubernatorial offices, these professionals and non-title personnel work in a variety of state and local sectors including administration, finance, information technology, public works, health and human services, human resources, environment, energy, economic development, agriculture, courts and justice, law enforcement, and education. They develop policies that build strong communities, provides valued services, and brings revenue into their cities and states.


State and local government spending totals $3.2 trillion a year and is one of the largest markets for goods and services in the world. Decision making professionals in this market are in need of quality products and services including computers, software, electronic components, business supplies, business wear, office furnishings, business transportation, business forms, travel accessories, educational resources, publications, and travel coordination services.

SCF $15.00/M
State $15.00/M
Zip $15.00/M
Gender $10.00/M
Level of Government $20.00/M
Government Agency $20.00/M
Government Job Function $20.00/M
Phone Number $65.00/M
Government Job Role $20.00/M
Employee Size $20.00/M
Key Coding $3.50/M
P/S Labels $15.00/M
EMAIL $100.00/F


Level of Government   (20.00/M)
State Government 	15,743 	
Federal Government 	1,363 	
County Government 	16,713 	
Municipal Government 	36,133 	
K-12 Education 	666 	
Private Sector 	851 	
Regional/Special District 	1,177 	
Government Association 	660 	
Higher Education 	1,431 	
Other Government 	851 	

Government Agency   (20.00/M)
Elected Government Officials / Legislative Government 	18,468 	
Finance / Taxation / Budgeting 	10,287 	
Information Technology / Telecom Public 	2,386 	
Public Works / Transportation/Infrastructure / Utility / Planning 	13,474 	
Health and Human Services 	3,428 	
Human Resources / Benefits / Personnel 	2,639 	
Environment/Energy 	1,149 	
Government Administration / Operations/General Services/Purchasing 	10,697 	
Economic Development / Workforce Development 	1,643 	
Courts / Corrections / Justice 	1,155 	
Law Enforcement 	2,104 	
Fire/Emergency Services 	1,119 	
Education/Library Services 	2,431 	
Agriculture/Parks and Rec/Land Management 	846 	
Other 	2,705 	

Government Job Function   (20.00/M)
Elected Government Official / Legislative 	18,123 	
Finance / Procurement / Budgeting / Auditor 	11,178 	
Information Technology 	3,519 	
Engineering / Technical 	3,066 	
Government Operations / Administration 	26,918 	
Human Resource / Workforce / Training / Benefits 	4,602 	
First Responder (Police, Fire, EMS) 	1,396 	
Other Government 	5,188 	

Government Job Role   (20.00/M)
Government Executive / C-Level 	22,495 	
Senior Management 	21,511 	
Supervision 	11,076 	
Subject Matter Expert / Practitioner 	9,638 	

Employee Size   (20.00/M)
1 to 4 	5,087 	
5 to 9 	4,187 	
10 to 19 	4,979 	
20 to 49 	11,135 	
50 to 99 	3,543 	
100 to 249 	1,657 	
250 to 499 	719 	
500 + 	589 	

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  • Net Name is allowed ($10.00/M Run Charge)
  • Please Inquire about Exchange
  • Broker Commission 20% on base
  • Agency Commission 15% on base
  • Please Inquire about Reuse
  • Cancellation fee at $100.00/F
  • All orders are approved on a reciprocal rental. Orders cancelled prior to merge are subject to a $100/F cancellation fee plus any applicable production charges. Orders cancelled after merge purge are payable in full.