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Financial Professionals From Statlistics

The Statlistics Financial Professionals from Statlistics reaches the financial marketplace holding various job roles from corporate management, Accountants, Financial planners, Bankers, Brokers, Advisors, Insurance Agent/Brokers, Lawyers, Register Rep and more.


946,621 Total Universe / Universe Rate $160.00/M
401,003 Telemarketing + $65.00/M
452,114 Email Addresses $300.00/M


The Financial Professionals from Statlistics reaches the financial marketplace holding various job roles from corporate management, Accountants, Financial planners, Bankers, Brokers, Advisors, Insurance Agent / Broker, Lawyer, Register Representative and more. 


These Financial Professionals come from accountant companies, banking and finance corporations, brokerage houses, business investing/venture capital firms, financial planning firms, RIA, and securities firms.  They are brokers selling in the 401K rollover market, benefits consultants looking for new opportunities, bankers working with institutional investors,  high-level decision makers  selling financial and insurance products like annuities, health insurance, life insurance, retirement plans, disability insurance, employee benefits, stocks, bonds, mutual funds and so much more


The Financial Professionals from Statlsitics are responsive to marketing offers from industry specific direct mail marketers such as computers, software, office equipment and supplies, electronics, telecommunication systems, office furniture, business apparel, corporate gifts, travel, business transportation, promotional products, credit card issuers and continuing education providers.



    Job Function / Title   (20.00/M)
    Financial Planner 	429,995 	
    Broker 	337,393 	
    Insurance Agent 	222,792 	
    General Management 	261,457 	
    Accounting/Finance 	103,490 	
    Corporate Management 	183,955 	
    Sales and Marketing 	93,830 	
    Register Rep 	109,828 	
    Lawyer 	6,005 	
    CFO Chief Financial Officer 	6,092 	
    Treasurer 	1,078 	
    Auditor 	1,440 	
    Controller 	1,498 	
    Director of Finance 	1,238 	
    Financial Analyst 	1,851 	
    CPA/Accountant 	59,635 	
    Industry   (20.00/M)
    Accounting 	45,292 	
    Banking / Finance 	179,753 	
    Brokerage Company 	305,550 	
    Financial Planning 	413,118 	
    Insurance Agency 	253,699 	
    RIA / Registered Investment Advisor 	144,520 	
    Securities Firm 	54,006 	
    Private Equity 	44,338 	
    Venture Capitalist 	14,347 	
    Phones   (65.00/M)
    Phones 	447,493 	 	





State / SCF / Zip $15.00/M
Job Function / Title $20.00/M
Industry $20.00/M
Phones $65.00/M



Key Coding $3.50/M
Email Delivery $100.00/F
FTP $100.00/F
Email Transmission $50.00/M
HTML Set-Up $150.00/F
Suppression $150.00/F