Environmental Resource Handbook from Grey House Publishing

The Environmental Resource Handbook from Grey House Publishing offers a unique combination of more then 6,300 environmental resources and listings, as well as 350 tables, maps, and charts of environmental statistics and rankings. This publication is hailed as a must-have for environmentalists, educators, researchers, and students of environmental studies.

7,406 Total Universe / Universe Rate $150.00/M
7,406 Postal Addresses $150.00/M
7,079 Telemarketing + $30.00/M


he Environmental Resource Handbook from Grey House Publishing includes contacts from environmental associations and organizations, consultants, environmental health, environmental law and other environmental information.
The contacts include Presidents, Executive Directors, Treasurers and other key Decision Makers at environmentally focused organizations.


Sample organizations include:  Environmental Defense Center, Earth Island Institute, International Association for Environmental Hydrology, National Association for State and River Conservation Programs, Global Water Policy Project, National Association of Clean Water Agencies, Sierra Club, The Nature Conservancy and Wildlands Conservancy.


The direct mail list is ideal for contacting environmental decision makers and suppliers.

Category (Environment) $20.00/M
Gender $10.00/M
Job Title / Job Function $10.00/M
State $10.00/M
Key Coding $5.00/F
CD ROM $50.00/F
Email $50.00/F
PS Labels $10.00/M


Category (Environment)   (20.00/M)
Education Resources and Environmental Programs 	420 	
Environmental Associations and Organizations 	2,287 	
Environmental Consultants 	475 	
Envrionmental Health 	270 	
Environmental Publications 	825 	
Environmental Research Centers 	1,430 	
Financial Resources 	337 	
Government Agencies and Environmental Programs 	1,356 	

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