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Emergency Management Magazine Business Mailing List

Published by e.Republic. The Emergency Management Magazine Business Mailing List reaches top-tier executives and professionals who play a key role in our nation’s protection, prevention, response and recovery processes. They are subscribers of Emergency Management magazine and are engaged in various branches of the city, state, county, municipal, federal government and civil defense segments.

45,559 Total Universe / Universe Rate $180.00/M
45,559 Former Subscribers $180.00/M
45,173 Telemarketing $65.00/M


Published by e.Republic


The Emergency Management Magazine Business Mailing List reaches top-tier executives and professionals who play a key role in our nation’s protection, prevention, response and recovery processes. They are subscribers of Emergency Management magazine and are engaged in various branches of the city, state, county, municipal, federal government and civil defense segments.


Providing “Strategy and Leadership in Critical Times,” these professionals need insightful articles addressing, practices for strategies, tactics, technical solutions and policies that address their challenges and find solutions to make informed decisions in emergency response situations for natural and man-made disasters. These are first responders, public safety leaders, homeland security officials that have with the purchasing power to buy products ranging from safety gear to fleet vehicles.


This all-encompassing list enables marketers to deliver their product offerings to subscribers with titles such as CEO, CIO, corporate manager, elected official, police chief, fire chief, EMS director, and security officer. This audience depends on Emergency Management magazine to provide the latest industry happenings on best practices, HAZMAT preparedness, protecting the public, maintaining communication infrastructures, disaster preparedness, and public health and awareness along with information concerning grants, updated policies and ongoing training opportunities.   


These emergency response professionals work in a variety of industries including law enforcement, government, administration, health services, justice, corrections, education, environment, emergency operations, information technology, and public works. Emergency Management publication brings together leaders who provide key operations in protecting people, property, and American way of life. They keep the streets safe from crime, stop wildland fires, keep school campuses safe, keep terrorism at bay, fight diseases like Ebola, and provide aid when natural disasters such as hurricanes or tornadoes strike communities.


Decision making professionals and executives in this market are in need of quality products for daily operational success, growth, and profitability. They purchase computers, software, emergency response vehicles, electronic components, uniforms, navigational systems, first aid supplies, weapons, protective gear, blankets, helmets, stretchers, disposable masks and gloves, handcuffs, ladders, fire hoses, office supplies, mobile devices, and business supplies.


    Branch of Government / Business   (20.00/M)
    Federal Government 	3,114 	
    State Government 	4,044 	
    County Government 	8,895 	
    Municipal Government 	18,854 	
    Special District, Public Utility 	1,123 	
    Education (Higher Education, K-12, State Boards, DOE) 	1,312 	
    Private Sector 	3,906 	
    Other Government Branches 	2,465 	
    Job Function   (20.00/M)
    Elected Official 	943 	
    Information Technology 	1,740 	
    Operations / Administration 	7,144 	
    First Responder (Police/Fire Chiefs, EMS Management) 	17,794 	
    Emergency Management 	8,892 	
    Agency / Department Function   (15.00/M)
    Administration / Operations / General Services / Purchasing 	891 	
    Health / Human Services 	2,002 	
    Law Enforcement 	11,789 	
    Courts / Corrections / Justice 	293 	
    Fire / EMS / Emergency Services 	14,903 	
    Education/Library Services 	764 	
    Elected Official / Legislative 	496 	
    Emergency Operations Center 	4,395 	
    Environment / Energy 	369 	
    Finance / Taxation / Budgeting 	218 	
    Homeland Security 	1,668 	
    Information Technology/Telecom 	1,210 	
    Public Works / Transportation / Infrastructure / Utility / Planning 	988 	
    Other Agency / Department Functions 	4,067 	
    Contact Type   (20.00/M)
    Private Sector 	6,410 	
    Public Sector 	39,149 	
    Job Role   (20.00/M)
    Executive/C-Level 	13,480 	
    Senior Management 	9,193 	
    Supervisor 	9,244 	
    Subject Matter Expert/Practitioner 	10,695 	 	 		





SCF $15.00/M
State $15.00/M
Zip $15.00/M
Branch of Government / Business $20.00/M
Job Function $20.00/M
Agency / Department Function $15.00/M
Phone Number $65.00/M
Contact Type $20.00/M
Job Role $20.00/M


Key Coding $3.50/M
P/S Labels $15.00/M
EMAIL $100.00/F