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The Eastern Fly Fishing Magazine Mailing List is comprised of affluent fishermen who subscribe to Eastern Fly Fishing, a publication dedicated to regional fly fishing anglers who reside in or love to fish east of the Mississippi River.

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The Eastern Fly Fishing Magazine Mailing List is comprised of affluent fishermen who subscribe to Eastern Fly Fishing, a publication dedicated to regional fly fishing anglers who reside in or love to fish east of the Mississippi River. The magazine covers regions including the Northeast, Southeast, Mid-Atlantic, Midwest and Eastern Canada. This list is comprised of wealthy subscribers ranging from retirees to high-powered business professionals to outdoor enthusiasts and anglers. From fishing well-known destinations to staying abreast of current topics in the fishing industry, these fishermen and women seek the latest products and services that enhance their fly fishing experience.


Eastern Fly Fishing Subscriber Quick Facts:

  • Average subscriber age = 45
  • Average net worth = $850,000
  • According to Outdoor Industry Foundation: over 18 million people fly fish annually
  • In outdoor recreational activities, fishing is second only to running and biking
  • Recreational fishing equipment expenditures total over $15 billion annually

Eastern Fly Fishing magazine subscribers are well-to-do consumers who live in high end homes and enjoy the finer things in life. They fly fish Michigan’s famous Muskegon River or South Dakota’s Spearfish Canyon as well as other rivers and lakes in Vermont, New York, Florida, IL Pennsylvania, Arkansas, Eastern Canada and more. Whether for pleasure, sport, or competition, these avid anglers fish for steelhead, trout, pike, perch, bass, crapfish and catfish.They enter fishing derbies and contests, enjoy the day’s catch on the grill, and travel to eastern fishing destinations to vacation and relax outdoors. They stay in high end RVs, fly to locales in commercial and private jets, lodge in luxury resorts, or enjoy the full outdoor camping experience.


Fly fishing enthusiasts seek fly fishing products offerson rod and reels, fish nets, waders, tackle boxes, lures, bait, fishing line, tackle, life jackets, rain gear, filet boards, rod racks, knives, scales, bait containers, and artificial flies. They also buy outdoor gear including RVs, tents, ice chests, camping gear, cookware, camp stoves, insect repellent, generators, outdoor apparel and footwear. They buy fishing themed collectibles such as collector’s plates, jewelry, wall plaques, home décor, clocks, calendars, and figurines. They seekfishing and outdoor recreation servicesfrom travel destination organizers, the hospitality industry, fishing license providers, car rental agencies, outdoor adventure providers, and more.


This is an ideal audience for marketers who want to reach consumers with their marketing offers. Anglers are open to offers from retailers, wholesalers, event coordinators, fishing organizations, fish and game organizations, taxidermists, conservation and fundraising associations, outdoor apparel retailers, outdoor publications, first aid suppliers, tourism industries, and credit card issuers.

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