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Assay Development Scientists Cambridge Healthtech Institute Email Masterfile

The Cambridge Healthtech Institute Assay Development Researchers Email Masterfile is comprised of attendees and inquiries of Cambridge Healthtech Institute Conferences on the topic of assay development (an investigative procedure in laboratory medicine), as well as purchasers of related products.


4,175 Total Universe / Universe Rate $450.00/M
2,698 U.S. Email Addresses $450.00/M
5,097 Postal Addresses $195.00/M


The Cambridge Healthtech Assay Development Researchers Email Masterfile is comprised of attendees and inquiries of Cambridge HealthTech Institute Conferences on the topic of assay development. Target researchers and scientists involved in assay development. An assay is an analysis to determine the presence of a substance and the amount of that substance (i.e. an assay may be done to determine the level of thyroid hormones in the blood of a person suspected of being hypothyroid or hyperthyroid).

These professionals are involved with: 

- The set-up of biochemical and cellular assays for high throughput screening
- Validation of the established assays to ensure characterization and identification of peptides, proteins and antibodies
- Adaptation of biochemical and cellular assays to semi-automated lab equipment
- Data analysis and data management

This audience is receptive to marketing offers from retailers, email marketers, clinical trials, tradeshow coordinators, industry publications, financial institutions, medical technology, and continuing education providers. Multi-channel marketing is available.


    Job Function   (20.00/M)
    Assistant 	41 	
    Director 	852 	
    Executive 	647 	
    Manager 	466 	
    Professor 	544 	
    Sales and Marketing 	239 	
    Scientist / Technologist 	1,378 	
    Primary Business   (20.00/M)
    Academic 	693 	
    Biotechnical 	1,497 	
    CRO 	92 	
    Commercial 	55 	
    Financial 	16 	
    Government 	214 	
    Healthcare 	73 	
    Healthcare Provider 	205 	
    Pharmaceutical - Big 	1,092 	
    Pharmaceutical - Small 	29 	
    Services 	154 	
    Societies 	45 	




State $15.00/M
SCF $15.00/M
Zip $15.00/M
Job Function $20.00/M
Primary Business $20.00/M


Personalization $10.00/M
Set-Up $150.00/F
Suppression $150.00/F
View Online Hosting $50.00/F
Image Hosting $50.00/F