Bio IT World Conference and Expo Attendees Email

The Bio IT (Information Technology) World Conference Attendees Email is the premier event showcasing technologies and analytic approaches that solve problems, accelerate science, and drive the future of precision medicine.

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The Bio IT (Information Technology) World Conference Attendees Email is the premier event demonstrating how technology is transforming the life of sciences throughout all discovery and development processes.  It delivers a highly influential audience consisting of senior-level scientists, IT professionals, and executives from major pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies responsible for identifying and implementing the strategies and technologies that drive their projects. The event provides the backdrop for not only an educational experience, by a networking opportunity as well for attendees, over 1,500 delegates and Bio informatics decision makers such as IT Architects, VP Enabling Technologies, VP Chem informatics, and It Project Managers.

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Director 	1,298 	
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Scientist/Technologist 	1,737 	

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Biotechnical 	1,699 	
Pharmaceutical-Big Companies 	998 	
Academic 	927 	

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