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BenefitsPRO Magazine reaches professionals subscribing to this magazine for relevant topics on group and voluntary insurance products including employee benefit plans. They are predominately independent insurance agents, brokers, planners, and advisors who provide clients with expert insurance advice and sell products like life insurance, disability plans, health insurance, and retirement plans. They have the purchasing power to buy products for business operation including computers, software, business wear, transportation, electronic devices, office supplies, and office furnishings.


These professionals are in the market for accurate news sources, education, and industry events on best practices, analysis, marketing strategies, and client management techniques. BenefitsPRO Magazine reaches out to a broad audience and delivers timely articles on diverse niche topics that include group health, 401K planning, C-suite benefit planning, disease management, dental and vision management, self-funding, retirement trends, and cancer awareness.


Subscribers serve a variety of markets including: small business, large business, government, association, and banking. These professionals offer products that provide additional security for their client’s wellbeing and life stages. They provide options like long-term care policies for the elderly, income supplement policies for individuals and families, and health insurance plans with maternity benefits for young families.


Professionals are responsive to marketing offers from retailers, direct mail marketers, industry trade publications, tradeshow and event coordinators, government regulators, health care industry, financial industry, credit card issuers, and continuing education providers. Multi-channel marketing is available.



    Job Title   (20.00/M)
    Advisor 	9,881 	
    Agent 	11,434 	
    Broker 	8,096 	
    Consultant 	13,332 	
    Planner 	1,254 	
    Type of Agent   (15.00/M)
    Independent 	24,980 	
    Semi-Captive 	2,691 	
    Captive 	4,411 	
    Firm Works with Groups in the Following Sizes   (20.00/M)
    100 lives and under 	32,499 	
    101 to 1000 lives 	12,317 	
    1001 to 5000 lives 	6,049 	
    5001 0r more lives 	4,436 	
    Number of Years Involved In Selling   (20.00/M)
    1-3 years 	2,009 	
    4-10 years 	5,023 	
    11-15 years 	4,244 	
    16-20 years 	4,481 	
    21 + years 	16,362 			 





Gender $10.00/M
Job Title $20.00/M
SCF $15.00/M
State $15.00/M
Zip $15.00/M
Type of Agent $15.00/M
Firm Works with Groups in the Following Sizes $20.00/M
Number of Years Involved In Selling $20.00/M


Key Coding $3.50/M
P/S Labels $15.00/M
EMAIL $100.00/F