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Reach art Dealers, the gallery and framing industry as well as art framing retailers, artists, interior decorators and picture framers. They buy, sell and frame original pictures, drawings, prints, photographs, and decorate with sculptures, prints include lithographs, giclees, serigraphs/silkscreens, posters, and etchings.


38,647 Total Universe / Universe Rate $130.00/M
38,647 Subscribers $130.00/M


Reach art Dealers, the gallery and framing industry as well as art framing retailers, artists, interior decorators and picture framers.  They buy, sell and frame original pictures,  drawings, prints, photographs, and decorate with sculptures, prints include lithographs, giclees, serigraphs/silkscreens, posters, and etchings. The art Dealers also sell collectibles, books, or artist supplies. Services include framing, delivery, and hanging. Companies may provide appraisals, especially for expensive artwork.  High-end Dealers may help individuals or museum curators find specific pieces of art or develop collections.           


These are the most well-respected art and framing, interior decorators, retail gallery and art Dealers in the  industry.  They offer premier trade shows with Art and Decor which professionals in the framing, decorative arts and fine arts fields attended to keep up to date on emerging and established artists, merchandising and marketing issues, and the information needed for readers to grow their business in the competitive art marketplace.


    Primary Business   (20.00/M)
    Art/Framing Retailer 	7,760 	
    Artist 	274 	
    Picture Framer 	5,642 	
    Art Gallery 	6,045 	
    Art Dealer/Consultant 	2,498 	
    Interior Decor/Design 	613 	
    Job Title   (20.00/M)
    Owner/Partner 	15,892 	
    Top Management 	1,411 	
    President 	4,139 	
    Manager 	1,746 	
    Director of High Level Executive 	1,476 	
    Gender   (15.00/M)
    Female 	14,428 	
    Male 	14,761 		  





State $15.00/M
SCF $15.00/M
Zip $15.00/M
Run Charges $10.00/M
Primary Business $20.00/M
Job Title $20.00/M
Gender $15.00/M


Key Coding $3.50/M
PS Labels $15.00/M
Email $100.00/F