American Agent and Broker Magazine

Published by ALM Media, American Agent & Broker was a monthly magazine. AA&B was written by agents for agents. Since 1929, AA&B had strived to connect property-casualty insurance providers with property-casualty producers.

39,789 Total Universe / Universe Rate $160.00/M
39,789 Former Subscribers $160.00/M
Advertising Rate $125.00/M


"The Magazine for Insurance Agency Success"

American Agent & Broker (AA&B) was a monthly magazine.  AA&B was written by agents for agents.  Since 1929, AA&B had strived to connect property-casualty insurance providers with property-casualty producers.  Serving the field of property/casualty insurance and the life and health insurance businesses, this publication provides agents with practical field-tested ideas, business techniques and information that will help them not only sell more products and services, but also operate their businesses more efficiently and profitably.

Recipients of American Agent & Broker were property/casualty insurance agents or brokers; property casualty managing general agents, surplus-line brokers or other intermediaries; life/health insurance agents or brokers; insurance company personnel and other qualified personnel.  AA&B allowed you to reach not only top producers, but also decision makers.  83% of recipients are agency owners, partners, officers or managers; and 83% have been in the insurance business for more than 15 years.
SCF/State/Zip $15.00/M
SIC / NAICS Code $20.00/M
Business / Industry Type $20.00/M
Title Code $20.00/M
Residential count $15.00/M
Key Coding $3.50/M
P/S Labels $10.00/M
EMAIL $100.00/F


Business / Industry Type   (20.00/M)
Agent Life/Health 	4,793 	
Agent Prop/Casualty 	39,128 	
Broker Life/Health 	3,831 	
Broker Prop Casualty 	5,542 	
Insurance/Reinsurance/personnel/Prop/Casualty 	1,397 	
Financial Planners 	3,437 	
Insurance Company/Property Casulty Insurance Company 	1,397 	
Independent Brokerage 	2,072 	

Title Code   (20.00/M)
Insurance Agent/Broker 	9,133 	
Producers 	11,526 	
Independent Agent/Advisor 	2,955 	
Sales Associate 	5,614 	
Captive Agent 	524 	

Residential count   (15.00/M)
Residential count 	6,954 	

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