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SAE’s Automotive Engineering Business Email List reaches key automotive industry’s leading engineers. These high-level professionals are corporate professionals, automotive engineers, product developers, designers, CAD specialists, manufacturing managers, research professionals, production associates and more.

16,235 Total Universe / Universe Rate $320.00/M
16,235 International names $320.00/M
Competitive Offers + $75.00/M
Transmission Fee + $120.00/M


Published by SAE International.


Direct Marketing’s Most Sought-After Automotive Decision Makers.


SAE’s Automotive Engineering Business Email List provides updated contact information to reach company email addresses of key automotive industry’s leading engineers. These high-level professionals are corporate professionals, automotive engineers, product developers, designers, CAD specialists, manufacturing managers, research professionals, production associates and more.  They are technology centric and environment conscious automotive experts. They strive to combat increasingly stringent fuel economy, emissions and safety regulations, and the ongoing challenge of adding customer-pleasing features while reducing costs to deliver better vehicle efficiency, performance, safety and comfort.


Published 12 times a year, Automotive Engineering is SAE’s flagship automotive magazine and is a recognized leader in providing practical, in-depth vehicle engineering and technology information that reaches every segment of the automotive market. Every issue delivers comprehensive coverage on new vehicles and equipment, innovative new technology applications, useful components and systems, and management information. It reaches professionals who work in all areas of the industry including: hybrid technologies, automotive replacement parts, heavy duty vehicles, commercial and racing cars, trucks and buses, electrified powertrains, truck-trailers, agriculture tractors, industrial and recreational automobiles, motor homes, electronic connectivity and distribution, testing and measurement, automated and autonomous driving and highway safety measures.


The SAE Automotive Engineering Business Email List delivers automotive engineering professionals who are the decision-makers who recommend, buy and specify your products and services. These professionals are responsive to email offers from distributors, retailers, wholesalers, direct mail and email marketers, auto publications, financial institutions, automotive dealers, association and membership organizations, auto clubs, electronic parts, software and hardware, educational literature and much more.

State $15.00/M
SCF $15.00/M
Zip $15.00/M
Business/Industry $20.00/M
Primary Job Function $20.00/M
Secondary Job Function $20.00/M
Area of Technology $20.00/M
Annual Expenditure $20.00/M
Industry Classification $20.00/M
A/B Split $150.00/F
HTML Setup $150.00/F
Image Hosting (per image) $50.00/F
Suppression (Under 300,000), $600 Max $150.00/F
2 Tests Included
Retests (each) $50.00/F
Transmission Fee $120.00/M
Personalization $10.00/M
View Online Hosting $50.00/F


Business/Industry   (20.00/M)
Agricultural Tractor/Equipment 	400 	
Construction Equipment 	487 	
Design Services 	685 	
Electric Hybrid Vehicles 	108 	
Engines (Diesel/IC/Gas Turbine) 	783 	
Fuels/Lubes/Fluids 	215 	
Heavy Truck 	849 	
Industrial Vehicles 	300 	
Light Truck/MPV/SUV 	621 	
Manufacturing/Production Equipmen t 	672 	
Military Ground Vehicles 	246 	
Other Vehicles (please describe) 	2,561 	
Passenger Cars 	4,060 	
Plant Equipment Manufacturing 	155 	
Systems,Components,Parts/Access ories 	1,746 	
Science, R and D Services 	1,022 	
Test and Measurement Equipment 	386 	

Primary Job Function   (20.00/M)
Corporate Executive 	1,630 	
Engineering Consultant 	2,247 	
Engineering Management 	2,247 	
Maintenance,Repair 	916 	
Manufacturing/Production 	1,115 	
Product Design and Development 	5,280 	
Purchasing 	117 	
Quality Control/Assurance 	435 	
Research and Development Management 	1,900 	
System Design and; Development 	1,900 	
Testing,Validation and certification 	869 	

Secondary Job Function   (20.00/M)
Corporate Executive 	753 	
Engineering Consultant 	535 	
Engineering Management 	1,241 	
Maintenance,Repair 	702 	
Manufacturing/Production 	582 	
Product Design and Development 	2,685 	
Purchasing 	230 	
Quality Control/Assurance 	345 	
Research and Development Management 	1,414 	
System Design and Development 	496 	
Testing,Validation and Certification 	511 	

Area of Technology   (20.00/M)
Bodies and Structures 	3,202 	
Chassis 	3,341 	
Design Engineering and Styling 	4,142 	
Electrical,Electronics and Avionics 	4,158 	
Environment 	2,025 	
Fuels and Energy Sources 	3,133 	
Human Factors and Ergonomics 	1,979 	
Interiors,Cabins and Cockpits 	2,061 	
Maintenance and Aftermarket 	2,342 	
Management and Product Development 	2,967 	
Manufacturing 	3,267 	
Materials 	3,237 	
Noise,Vibration and Harshness 	2,911 	
Parts and Components 	3,460 	
Power and Propulsion 	3,777 	
Quality,Reliability and Durability 	3,219 	
Safety 	2,859 	
Tests and Testing 	3,734 	
Transportation Systems 	2,157 	
Vehicles and Performance 	4,496 	

Annual Expenditure   (20.00/M)
$50 million+ 	2,516 	
$25-49.9 million 	565 	
$10-24.9 million 	909 	
$1-9.9 million 	1,679 	
Less than $1Million 	2,269 	

Industry Classification   (20.00/M)
Ground Vehicle OEM 	3,922 	
Services 	3,597 	
Ground Vehicle Supplier-Tier 1/System Integrator 	1,539 	
Ground Vehicle Supplier-Parts/Components 	2,151 	

Ordering Instructions

  • 5,000 Name Minimum Order $0.00 Minimum Price
  • Net Name is not allowed
  • Exchange is not available
  • Broker Commission 20% on base
  • Agency Commission 15% on base
  • Reuse is available
  • Cancellation fee at $250.00/F: Transmission: 24 working hours after test approval Cancelled orders are subject to a $250/F cancellation fee plus any applicable production charges.
  • Can spam and domain suppression are required. CAN SPAM compliant. All orders are approved on a reciprocal rental. All transmissions must be completed through list owner/manager.