Corporate Counsel Magazine

Corporate Counsel Magazine, published by ALM Media, is a monthly magazine for in-house attorneys, covering business issues, legal affairs and reporting on the latest developments in the corporate world.

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Corporate Counsel Magazine subscribers, published by ALM Media, are In-house general counsel, corporate counsel, business executives, business managers, and law firm executives at the nation's leading corporations.  They read Corporate Counsel for the latest information on developments that directly affect their legal departments, their companies and their careers.


Corporate Counsel Magazine is a monthly magazine for in-house attorneys, addressing business and government issues affecting corporate America, legal affairs, and reporting on the latest developments in the corporate world. The magazine offers hard news, features, substantive law pieces, trends, analysis and insight, profiles, columns on management techniques, and the latest career news.  Corporate Counsel is required reading both for in-house lawyers and law firms looking for new business.


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Senior/Associate/Deputy Counsel 	6,861 	
Law Firm Managing Partn/Asso/Counsel 	2,872 	
Corp/Patent/Tax/Labor/Real Estate attorneys 	1,124 	
Judges/Law Professors 	150 	
Corporate Management (Board Member/ CEO/Pres/CFO/CIO/Dir/Mgrs) 	1,834 	
Other 	3,550 	

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