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Biology and Biotechnology Majors from College Recruiter

College Recruiter provides colleges, universities and other organizations with the ability to reach college and university students majoring in biology and biotechnology. This Biology / Biotechnology audience may be targeted by email and online display (IP address mapping) -- both on a CPC (Cost Per Click) basis.


539,832 Total Universe / Universe Rate $90.00/M
539,832 Biology and Biotechnology Majors $90.00/M
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Biology and Biotechnology Majors from College Recruiter is a guaranteed solution for engagement and qualified lead activity for biology and biotechnology related programs.


College Recruiter is the leading niche job board used by recent graduates and currently enrolled students of one-year, two-year, and four-year colleges and universities and graduate schools to find entry-level jobs and internships. College Recruiter delivers hundreds of targeted email campaigns per year for its employer and continuing education clients. All lists and databases are 100 percent permission-based, fully CAN-SPAM compliant, and double opt-in (the highest standard in the industry). Standard open and click through rates trend significantly higher (2-3 x) than industry trends, due to the fact that contact information is truly permission-based, updated daily and is highly targeted by university attended and major of study.


There are 427 continuing education majors to choose from including accounting majors, advocacy majors, agricultural majors, biology majors, biotechnology majors, business administration majors, chemistry majors, computer science majors, criminal justice majors, education majors, engineering majors, finance majors, foreign language majors, healthcare majors, information technology majors, law majors, marketing communications (MARCOM) majors, nursing majors, performing arts majors, physical therapy (PT) majors, political science majors, psychology majors, public relations (PR) majors, sociology majors and 300 more.


Please inquire for more information on specific majors, continuing education trends, fields of study and other demographic and behavioral selections.


  • Major of Study   (10.00/M)
    Biochemistry Biophysics and Molecular Biology	30,919	
    Biological and Biomedical Sciences Other	10,172	
    Biological and Physical Sciences	135,266	
    Biology General	271,554	
    Biology Technician / Biotechnology Laboratory Technician	4,535	
    Biomathematics and Bioinformatics	3,471	
    Biotechnology	7,744	
    Botany / Plant Biology	2,068	
    Cell / Cellular Biology and Anatomical Sciences	14,120	
    Ecology Evolution Systematics and Population Biology	15,199	
    Genetics	2,934	
    Microbiological Sciences and Immunology	13,254	
    Pharmacology and Toxicology	3,298	
    Physiology Pathology and Related Sciences	14,893	
    Zoology / Animal Biology	10,405	



Age $10.00/M
Gender $5.00/M
Grade Point Average (GPA) $10.00/M
Citizenship $10.00/M
Graduate Students NO CHARGE
Hobbies and Interests $10.00/M
House Hold Income (HHI) $10.00/M
College Attended $10.00/M
Marital Status $5.00/M
Occupation $10.00/M
School Affiliation $10.00/M
Major of Study $10.00/M
Year of Graduation $10.00/M


A/B Split over 50,000 $350.00/F
A/B Split under 50,000 $875.00/F
HTML $150.00/F
Image Hosting (Per Image) NO CHARGE
Suppression (Under 300,000), $600 Max $150.00/F
2 Tests Included NO CHARGE
Retests (Each) NO CHARGE
Transmission Fee NO CHARGE
Personalization NO CHARGE
View Online Hosting NO CHARGE