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                                                    MAILING LIST USAGE

    32,437      Members       $160/M                -----------DATE----------
                                                    September 2013           
National Society of Professional Engineers, also                             
known as NSPE, is the nation's leading              ------MINIMUM ORDER------
organization providing education, promotion and     5,000                    
protection to the engineering profession.  Members                           
rely on NSPE to stay current on important issues    ---------GENDER----------
affecting their industry through NSPE's PE          Predominantly Male       
Magazine.  NSPE's membership consists of civil,                              
mechanical, chemical and electric engineers who     -----------MEDIA---------
design, specify and consult facilities for private  Paid Membership          
& public sectors.                                                            
MEMBER TYPE:                                        4-Up Cheshire       N/C  
    Licensed Member            25,960               MagTape             $25/F
    Fellow                        387               Keying            $3.50/M
    Member                      2,747               PS Labels           $15/M
    Student                     3,343               Diskette            $75/F
                                                    Email              $100/F
MEMBER STATUS:                                                               
    Dues Waiver                    21               ---------SELECTIONS------
    Life                        4,637               State               $15/M
    Retired                       391               SCF                 $15/M
    Standard                   17,788               Zip                 $15/M
                                                    Zip Tape            $10/M
SPECIALTY:                                          Member Type         $15/M
    Aerospace                     259               Member Status       $15/M
    Agriculture                   221               Specialty           $15/M
    Architectural                 283               Grade               $15/M
    Biomedical                     65               Running Charges     $10/M
    Chemical                      700                                        
    Civil                       9,673                                        
    Computer                      288               Sample mailing piece     
    Construction Services         390               required                 
    Control Systems               225                                        
    Costs                          46               20% commission to        
    Mechanical                  3,742               recognized brokers       
    Electrical                  3,144                                        
    Structural                  1,566             
    Electronics                   381             
    Environmental               1,493             
    Chemical                      700             
    Fire Protection               153             
    Forensic                      379             
    Geotechnical                  385             
    Healthcare Facility            33             
    Industrial                    434             
    Manufacturing                 309             
    Materials                     195             
    Mining                        169             
    Nuclear                       181             
    Petroleum                     305             
    Pollution                      39             
    Quality Assurance             103             
    Reliability                    66             
    Safety                        143             
    Sanitary                       78             
    Systems Engineering           118             
    Transportation                424             
    Welding                        25             
    Professional Eng -                            
        Life Member              4,637            
    EIT Age 30 or Over          26,192            
    Student in School Chapter    3,343            
Please inquire for additional Specialties.        
All orders are approved on a reciprocal rental.   
Orders cancelled prior to merge are subject to a  
$100 flat cancellation fee plus any applicable    
production charges.  Orders cancelled after merge 
purge are payable in full.                        

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